JC-WC ARES® Simulated Emergency Test – 2018

The Johnson City, Washington County TN ARES conducted a simulated Emergency Test on November 10, 2018. Overall the test was successful. The following recaps participants on 2 meter:ARES District 9 Staff Members – 1
JC-WC ARES Staff – 8 JC-WC ARES Staff Members – 4 Non-Members – 1 Total Check-ins – 14

Net Control Operators Needed

We are needing ARES Net Control Stations(operators) for the Johnson City – Washington County, TN area. If you would like to join our list for training, please register.

You will have to be a member of the JC-WC ™TNARES prior to joining.

Thank you,

Marty Mozingo, KY6U

Johnson City - Washington County ™TNARES Net Control Training Site